A clear strategy and an attractive business model are key to become a convincing company. WODAN Consultancy is there to assist you in creating a strong go-to-market approach.


Focus, optimism and a ‘can do’ mentality: ingredients to be successful and convincing. WODAN Coaching helps entrepreneurs and managers to get things done and to deliver results.


Knowledge is power. The knowledge to gain knowledge is power². WODAN College offers you workshops and trainings to gain the necessary skills to be convincing in all your endeavours.


Building technology is one thing. Bringing it to the market is sometimes much more difficult. WODAN & CO assists technology companies in becoming more convincing companies


Services companies are close to the customer, but sometimes lack the strategy or business models to be scalable. WODAN & CO assists service driven companies in becoming more scalable businesses.


The times that social organizations could be run on patronage or government support are more and behind us. WODAN & CO assists social organizations in becoming more social enterprises.


Authenticity rules! People tend to go back to makers, creators, original designers. But craftsmen are not used to work in a fast and furious environment. WODAN & CO assists craftsmen in building more agile and adaptive organizations.


WODAN & CO is the Business Consultant for your business

WODAN & CO is the creation of Wouter Danckaert, an entrepreneur at heart. The passion to deal with problem situations in the most efficient and effective way possible has been around forever. Along with other business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers, our ultimate goal is to create new and refreshing things. WODAN & CO serves as the ideal business consultant to translate your business processes into an effective and efficient workflow.

Better insights and better results

Consulting, coaching and college. Those are the pillars on which consulting firm WODAN & CO leans. Technology companies that want to become companies that put their own stamp on the market can come to us. A clearly structured strategy and business model are essential. WODAN & CO assists companies step by step through to process to become scalable companies. WODAN & CO developed ‘The Profit Making Machine’, a method that assists companies in their search for a powerful business model that meets the needs of today’s market. Business managers, entrepreneurs and managers who need coaching and advice can contact WODAN & CO. We look at the situation from the outside, always using a targeted approach. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. This also applies in the business world. A company can only be strong if everyone in the team possesses the necessary strength and conviction. WODAN & CO is happy to assist your company in the search for better insights and better results.

Trust in WODAN & CO

Looking for a business consultant? WODAN & CO from Korbeek-Lo is the go-to partner for all kinds of business advice, training and workshops. Interested in our services? Feel free to send us a message via the contact form and we will see what we can do for you.

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