“Focus, optimism and a ‘can do’ mentality: ingredients to be successful and convincing”

It can be lonely at the top. Business owners, entrepreneurs, managers need to stand out and perform day after day. They are expected to take the lead and to know the answers. But sometimes they also need an external view, a fresh mind to take a look at the issues at hand, or just someone they can lean on and who helps the come to a decision. WODAN & CO offers coaching and advisory services for entrepreneurs and managers. The approach can be more or less intensive, depending on the needs at a certain moment in time.

More or less, three levels of intensity can be determined.


An advisory board role can be conducted alone of with other coaches or advisors, in a formal advisory board or board of directors, or without a formal structure. It is a meeting on a regularly basis, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, to take a look at the situation, give advice and give an honest and open opinion about matters at stake.


A more intensive role can be taken as a management coach. In this role, it is the entrepreneur or manager as a person that will be coached to perform better, to stay focused and to get the things done. Meetings can be held on a weekly or two-weekly basis in stressful and intensive periods of crisis or great opportunity. In less intensive periods, the frequency of the meetings can be lower.


Sometimes it is necessary for the advisor to take over some aspects of the management function to give some space to the entrepreneur or manager to recover or to focus on a big challenge ahead. One or more days a week, the interim manager is available to the company to get things done or to resolve some specific issues or tasks.

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