"Knowledge is power. The knowledge to gain knowledge is power²."

When you want to build a strong company, you need to have a strong and convicing team. Depending on the roles certain team members have, they will need more and additional skills to meet the expectations linked to the role they take up.
WODAN & CO has developed a philosophy about the needs of a company for convincing skills. The WODAN & CO ideas are written down in ‘The Convincing Skills Pyramid’.

Depending on the level of commitment you take up in an organization, you will need certain skills to be able to perform your role to the maximum. For every level, WODAN & CO offers several trainings, workshops or keynotes.


We are convinced that all employees should contribute to the organizations appearance and ability to convince others. Therefore all co-workers should at least have the basics right: have a good knowledge about the company they work for, are motivated, able to work together and assertive enough to give their opinion in a polite and constructive way.

Skills College: About the Company, Assertiveness, Teamwork, Receiving Feedback, Efficiency & Effectiveness


Customer facing people in the team are the ambassadors of your organization. They represent who you are and what your organization stands for. They should be able to present clearly, have the skills to respond to issues presented by the customer and have an appealing appearance and pleasant behaviour.

Skills College: Presentation Skills, Body Language, Sprezzatura, Improvisation, Brainstorming, Creativity, Etiquette


An organization needs one or more captains: people who are leading the organization and getting the results. These leaders need also to be strongly networked with the broader environment the organization is active in: customers, suppliers, influencers, politicians, etc. need to be addressed and followed up.

Skills College: Pitching, Meeting Skills, Networking, Motivating, Goal Setting, Giving Feedback


In these modern days of information overflow, it is important to have one or more persons in your organization who stand out in the crowd and are able to attract people to listen to their messages. We call them evangelists: they spread the word of your organization, they bring the new insights you have to offer to the world out there. They are not selling, but they make people buy!

Skills College: Writing Skills, Storytelling, Content Messenging, Debating Skills, Media Training, Personal Branding, Stage Performance

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